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RE: [Xen-devel] RFC: [0/2] Remove netloop by lazy copying in netback

> > Yep, the approach is similar, but I think having the
> > 'permanent' grants mechanism is probably a bit more flexible
> > for managing the header fragments.
> >
>   Not sure why it would be more flexible. Do you mean dealing with
> headers that are in fragments? If headers are in fragments they will
> linearized when copied into the shared header area by netfront. Also,
> seems to me that having a fixed set of pages at initialization that
> never change is easier to manage. I probably did not understand you
> correctly...

Netfront would copy the header out into a separate (small) fragment,
allocating it from a from a frame in the permanently mapped pool. 

Having a bit to indicate 'permanent' grants means that the header pool
is easily expanded at run time if need be, and seems a more generic
mechanism than having a bunch of frames agreed out-of-band at startup.


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