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RE: [Xen-devel] CD cannot be auto mounted by Nautilus on Linux guest OS

> Did anybody know how I could make Linux Guest OS mount CD
> with Nautilus? When I exposed a Music CD to my FC5 guest os on Xen
> 3.0.3, I found the CD wasn't recognized as a Music CD, it was
> as a blank CD. In Nautilus, when I clicked the icon of CD, a empty
> folder was opened. On general linux, when user insert a Music CD, it
> should be played automatically. I have checked the code of qemu, it
> seems that qemu didn't simulate CD with CD type information. I wonder
> some people met such a problem before, and has already resolved this
> issue.

Xen currently only supports ISO data image (CDROM) functionality on

> I also did some investigation on this issue, on linux guest os, system
> will try to read CDIOREADTOCHEADER to detect the type of CD, but the
> problem qemu cannot return right information to guest os.

If you have a USB CD drive, you could try using the USB passthough
functionality to make the drive accessible from the guest. This is an
experimental feature in xen-unstable.


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