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RE: [Xen-devel] Revisiting the Xenoprof problem

Running oprofile 0.9.3 still requires a patch to Xen 
The plan was to have this patch into mainline Xen once the oprofile patches to 
support Xen passive domains were accepted into Oprofile main tree
It seems that this is not going to happen anytime soon as nobody is working on 

I briefly discussed this with John Levon last week.
We agreed to reserve a domain_switch code in Oprofile and thus avoid future 
incompatibilities while we don't have the proper passive domain support 
I will work on a patch for that.
After that we should think on a plan to enable oprofile 0.9.3 in Xen without 
breaking instalations with oprofile 0.9.2 and 0.9.1.



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To: Santos, Jose Renato G
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Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] Revisiting the Xenoprof problem

Venkataraman, Meenakshi wrote:
>> What versions of Xen and oprofile are you running?
> I'm running xen 3.1.0 and oprofile 0.9.3 (patched for xen).
>> Any oprofile related message in the kernel log or in the output of
>> "xm dmesg"
> No...none. Although the cpu type is correctly recognized as a xeon in
> xm dmesg.
>> What is on /dev/oprofile/cpu_type after you run opcontrol?
> "i386/piii"
>> Also take a look at /var/lib/oprofile/samples/oprofiled.log for any
> error message
> There are a lot of CPU_SWITCH messages in during some runs in the
> oprofiled.log. I saw another post with the same problem on an embedded
> processor, but couldn't find any follow up to it.
> Meenakshi

Is xen 3.1.0 okay to run with oprofile 0.9.3. There were some conflicts in the 
defines between xenoprof and the defines added for the cell processor in 
oprofile 0.9.3.



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