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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: GPL Win PV driver issues

> It is *required* that both the QEMU and PV devices co-exist at the
> time for PV to be usable in the general case. Requiring modifications
> the Dom0 config file of a VM before PV can be used is not practical.
> The admin in charge of the Dom0 cannot be assumed to be the same as
> admin in charge of the DomU. The DomU admin needs to be able to switch
> to/from the PV drivers at will, without having to get Dom0 admin to do
> magic config changes for them.
> The easy solution is for the PV drivers to grab the PCI resources
> associated
> with the emulated devices. So once the PV driver has loaded, then it
> impossible for the non-PV driver to activate itself. Likewise if the
> PV
> driver is loaded, then the PV driver will be unable to grab the PCI
> resources
> and can thus disable itself. No special Dom0 config required..

Hmmm... that's something I hadn't thought of doing. The approach I've
implemented, and it works well, is to create a filter for the windows
PCI device which simply removes the drivers from the bus enumerations.
As far as windows is concerned, the moment you specify '/GPLPV' on the
boot command line, the disk device is gone.


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