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Re: [Xen-devel] migrateDevices( ) ?

Thank you for your explanation
and when xen processes " live migration",xend will fork a process to do xc_linux_save,and also call the helphandler which will call migrateDevices() in three steps,that is ,migrateDevices() will copy the devices' state to the destination when the iterative pre-copying of the VM memory state is completed ,is it? or what is the tricks behind? i read DevController.py,but still not clear, and i am confused about which code is called in the destination node to cooperate with for migration, that is ,on the destination node ,which code will invoke the receiving function there? is it httpserver? then ,which function code will it call to receive ,or what to do ?i guess some functions will be called to deal with something ,then call the restore function or something, but which function is called before the restore function is called ? i am lost in it

Thanks in advance

Stefan Berger åé:

xen-devel-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 01/02/2008 01:41:56 AM:

> hi
> I read the code of migration,and i am confused about the function of
> migrateDevices(), it is called for 3times,and what is the function for
> it ? could someone help me out

The purpose of this function is to enable the migration of 'external devices', i.e. this would be disk images or TPM state, from one physical machine to another while migrating a vm.

The prototype of the migrate function explains the different steps.



> Thanks in advance
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