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Re: [Xen-devel] That xenstored console leak...

On 14/1/08 23:49, "Jim Fehlig" <jfehlig@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> When a domain is finally garbage collected in xend, perhaps we should delete
>> its entire /vm/<uuid>/<unique-number>? That would seem a nice and reasonable
>> catch-all.
> Reverting changesets 15967 and 15957 in addition to the attached patch
> fixes the leak and allows multiple localhost migrations.  I'm not sure
> what we get by nuking /vm/<uuid>/device/vif/<dev_num> anyway - other
> than the problems we're seeing :-). vif appears to be the only device
> stored in the /vm/<uuid>/device path anyway.
> I will continue testing with this setup ...

Isn't having two domains (even from the same vm) pointing at the same /vm/
path a recipe for further bugs? Most of the lowlevel xend code doesn't seem
to understand the concept that domains can map to the same vm, and could
hence tread on each others toes via the /vm/ path.

If we revert the two patches, what happens when you create/destroy lots of
domains all with different uuids? I expect the leak will still exist in that

 -- Keir

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