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Re: [Xen-devel] Test results on Unisys ES7000 64x 256gb using unstable c/s 16693 on 3.2.0 Release Candidate

Keir Fraser wrote:
> On 15/1/08 13:50, "Bill Burns" <bburns@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We have noticed problems with dom0 initialization when not
>> limiting the memory for dom0 when we reach 112GB. This is using
>> 3.1.2 and also appears in 3.1.3 as it stood last week. Note that
>> 3.1.0 had no such issue. The problem is definately a Hypervisor
>> change of some sort (as opposed to a dom0 kernel change).
>> Wondering if anyone else sees this? And while it makes a lot
>> of sense to limit dom0 memory we have not in the past. And it's
>> somewhat problematic to know what to limit it too. We are in
>> the process of trying to determine what change set introduced
>> this regression.
> Have you tried 3.2.0 release candidates?
> I doubt any other developers are going to run into this as we're not
> overwhelmed with 128GB+ systems.
>  -- Keir

No, I have not tried on 3.2.0. Will see if I can at some


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