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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: ioemu: use asprintf instead of PATH_MAX

On 24/1/08 14:45, "Mike D. Day" <ncmike@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> Just a question - afaik asprintf is a unix-ism that isn't supported on
>>> windows. Will this cause problems if also pushed to upstream qemu?
>> qemu is quite often used in windows too so that would pose problem
>> indeed.  But I guess the /var/lib patch would too anyway :)  And this
>> part of the code is actually xen-specific.
> Yes, true. At a higher scope, what are current plans for a merge with
> upstream Qemu? Is the process to merge upstream or to continue
> maintaining the Xen differences out-of-tree?

We'd like the diff to be reduced of course, but it depends if anyone is
enthusiastic enough to do the work.

 -- Keir

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