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[Xen-devel] cross-compilation howto

I've written a cross-compilation howto and posted it to

It's a little bit hard to follow because <h1> is rendered incorrectly
by the stylesheet.  It's possibly easier to read the print version at

The howto is targetted at building Xen/ia64 (including tools) on
a Fedora8/x86_64 box, though it shouldn't be hard to do other
combinations.  Pre-built compiler rpms and a pre-built sys-root are
provided, so all told it should take only a few minutes to setup.

After completing the setup, it should be possible to do a full build

make XEN_TARGET_ARCH=ia64 CROSS_COMPILE=ia64-linux-gnu- world


1. ext2fs-lib detection bug was fixed just a couple days ago in cset
   1fbab289fed1, so make sure you pull the latest xen-unstable.hg...

2. The tools build breaks right now in ioemu due to the ia64 custom
   linker script.  My next step will be to either fix that or get rid
   of it.  If you comment it out of Makefile.target, the build should
   work entirely.


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