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[Xen-devel] Early test for 32- vs 64-bit hvm domain?

What is the proper way to test to see if an hvm domain is destined
to be x86 vs x86_64 whilst still early in its initialization in the
hypervisor, e.g. in hvm_vcpu_initialise(v) or hvm_domain_initialise(d)?
Is this information pased down from hvmloader or does it get
discovered somehow?  Or maybe it is not possible to determine
until a vcpu actually starts executing?

I see vmx_guest_x86_mode(v) ASSERTs if v!=current so hvm_guest_x86_mode(v)
can't be used. And hvm_long_mode_enabled(v) doesn't seem to work that
early.  Also, the arch_domain struct has a "is_32bit_pv" field but I can't
find any equivalent for hvm.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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