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[Xen-devel] Unresolved - qemu-dm crash under high dom0 disk load

This is regarding a long unresolved issue with HVM qemu-dm crashing under 
heavy Dom0 IO load.

I decided to make a new thread on this seeing that I found many old ones 
scattered about with no resolution: 

Here are old threads regarding the same/similar issue 


Old bug reports of the issue: 


In 1038, spam@xxxxxxx _incorrectly_ reports it is fixed in 3.1.1 -- Not only 
can I find any evidence of this, I can EASILY reproduce the crash over and 
over with 3.1.3-rc2. 

I have a dev. Xen box available for anyone who wants access for stack 
traces, ect.

Unfortunately I myself do not have enough knowledge to find the problem 
myself, however I am available to instruct on how to produce the bug, run 
stack traces, help organize this effort, and provide unrestricted access to 
this dev machine if needed.

Randy McAnally
Fast Serv Networks, LLC
619-819-8252 x201
619-819-9443 fax

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