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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Simplify paging_invlpg when flush is not required.

At 08:55 +0000 on 03 Feb (1202028939), Keir Fraser wrote:
> Is there a significant advantage to doing this? One other comment is that I
> don't like extra boolean 0/1 arguments to functions. I'd rather have
> something like paging_invlpg() and paging_invlpg_noflush() and only have the
> boolean argument to paging.mode->invlpg().

As someone (probably Kevin) pointed out before, the entire guest-walk
in sh_invlpg is redundant because we maintain TLB flush discipline on
shadow l2es ourselves.  Cleaning that up was on the list of things to do
when the out-of-sync shadows are done.  If we're going to change this
code now, the right thing to do is to kill off sh_invlpg entirely, except
for the call to vtlb_flush().  Then there's no need for it to return a
value at all. 



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