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[Xen-devel] Windows PV 0.6.5 crashing

Hi All,

We've been running about eight Windows 2003 HVM's without much issue (except 
weak network/IO performance) for a couple of months now.  We're using the 
xensource drivers installed from the xen tools CDROM (installer .exe).  It 
leaves a SCSI block device with a question mark but otherwise works fine.

I deployed the first Windows 2003 HVM using the GPL PV (0.6.5) drivers last 
week.  The install went great...no more unknown devices, new gigabit nic, ect.

I tested the VM (with GPL PV 0.6.5 drivers) outside of production, and then 
had it running in production for about a week uploading mp3 files to it at a 
rate of around 5Mbps (constant).

Once I installed and started some transcoding processes (CPU hungry, very 
little disk or network IO), the VM crashed and continued crashing every few 
hours.  Average CPU usage is around 25%, and network IO is 2-3Mbps when 
this happens.

I have since disabled the /gplpv switch and switched to using the Realtek 
NIC.  The crashing has stopped.

Here's the stop codes I've seen so far:

One of the following:

 Reason Code: 0x8050013
 Bug ID: 
 Bugcheck String: 

Two of the following:

 Reason Code: 0xa000000
 Bug ID: 
 Bugcheck String: 

Randy McAnally
Fast Serv Networks, LLC
619-819-8252 x201
619-819-9443 fax

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