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[Xen-devel] [Patch 0/7] pvSCSI driver

Hi all,

I will post total seven patches for new pvSCSI driver on following 

New features of the driver are as follows.

- Support assignment of each SCSI device(LUN:Logical Unit Number) to
  guest domains.
- Can specify the SCSI device by three ways.(See below.)
- Simplified RING mechanism between frontend and backend communication.
  (Previous version used two RINGs for frontend to backend communication
  and backend to frontend communication respectively. This version uses
  one RING as same as VBD.)

[ How to use ]
a.) by "xm" command
    # xm scsi-attach <domain> <scsidevice>

b.) by config file

You can specify "scsidevice" by three ways for both case.

1.) /dev/sdx or sdx, /dev/stx or stx, /dev/sgx or sgx
2.) scsi_id (result of "scsi_id -gu -s /block/sda")
    Example: 36000b5d0006a0000006a025700400000
3.) host:chanel:target:lun
    Example: 4:0:0:10

Any comments are welcome.

Best regards,

Jun Kamada

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