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RE: [Xen-devel] [Patch 0/7] pvSCSI driver

I think I've got it working under Debian Etch.

I'm now trying to develop a frontend driver for windows, and triggered a
BUG() on or around line 328 of scsiback.c, because I wasn't setting bus,
target, and lun in the request. This effectively breaks Dom0 (hotplug
scripts refused to work thereafter until a reboot), which means a rogue
DomU can crash Dom0. I think you should implement a more graceful
failure path.

Also, for what reason are the bus, target, and lun required in the
request? It look like that's a leftover from an earlier version and I
don't see that it is required now.


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> Subject: [Xen-devel] [Patch 0/7] pvSCSI driver
> Hi all,
> I will post total seven patches for new pvSCSI driver on following
> E-mails.
> New features of the driver are as follows.
> - Support assignment of each SCSI device(LUN:Logical Unit Number) to
>   guest domains.
> - Can specify the SCSI device by three ways.(See below.)
> - Simplified RING mechanism between frontend and backend
>   (Previous version used two RINGs for frontend to backend
>   and backend to frontend communication respectively. This version
>   one RING as same as VBD.)
> [ How to use ]
> a.) by "xm" command
>     # xm scsi-attach <domain> <scsidevice>
> b.) by config file
>     vscsi=['scsidevice','scsidevice']
> You can specify "scsidevice" by three ways for both case.
> 1.) /dev/sdx or sdx, /dev/stx or stx, /dev/sgx or sgx
> 2.) scsi_id (result of "scsi_id -gu -s /block/sda")
>     Example: 36000b5d0006a0000006a025700400000
> 3.) host:chanel:target:lun
>     Example: 4:0:0:10
> Any comments are welcome.
> Best regards,
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> Jun Kamada
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