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Re: [Xen-devel] [Patch 0/7] pvSCSI driver

Hi James-san,

Thank you for your comment.

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 14:58:48 +1100
"James Harper" <james.harper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm now trying to develop a frontend driver for windows, and triggered a
> BUG() on or around line 328 of scsiback.c, because I wasn't setting bus,
> target, and lun in the request. This effectively breaks Dom0 (hotplug
> scripts refused to work thereafter until a reboot), which means a rogue
> DomU can crash Dom0. I think you should implement a more graceful
> failure path.

Yes, I agree on your opinion. 
Some modification or addition may be needed about error handling,
including Reset/Abort SCSI command. We would like to post new version

However, we also would like to get a lot of comments on *current*
version for the enhancement.

> Also, for what reason are the bus, target, and lun required in the
> request? It look like that's a leftover from an earlier version and I
> don't see that it is required now.

The LUN assignment to guest can provide HBA sharing from multiple
guests. We consider that feature is very useful for many usage
scenarios. And also, LUN assignment covers HBA assignment by using
wildcard, for example "xm scsi-attach <domain> 4:*:*:*". Needless to
say, expansion of "xm" or "xend" is required in that case. :-)

Best regards,

Jun Kamada

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