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[Xen-devel] sysfs on hvm guests?

Is sysfs expected to work fully in an hvm guest?

In RHEL5 (2.6.18-based) kernels, the following works native

  available_clocksource lists the possible clock sources
  current_clocksource lists the chosen clock source,
    and can be changed on the fly

but don't work for me from within an RHEL5 HVM guest.

All reads yield only "jiffies" (which I believe is the
default setting) even though there are other clock
sources available and set, and echo'ing to the
current_clocksource doesn't seem to change it.

Should I expect that it would work?  If so, does it work
on your system?  Perhaps it is something peculiar to
my environment?


If Xen could save time in a bottle / then clocks wouldn't virtually skew /
It would save every tick / for VMs that aren't quick /
and Xen then would send them anew
(with apologies to the late great Jim Croce)
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