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[Xen-devel] Re: [Xense-devel] Infineon vtpm problem


I have checked out the 0.3.2cvs version of trousers and finally get the tsstest working with very few differences from when it is run under non-xen host. My previous attempts was on 0.3.1 (stable).

However when run tpm_sealdata, I still get

Tspi_Key_LoadKey failed: 0x00003113 - layer=tsp, code=0113 (275), Authorization failed.

This reminds me that maybe I am using vtpm wrong way. Is there a document about how to use vtpm?

Here is what I do from sratch:

1. Clear and reactivate TPM from bios.
2. Run vtpm_managerd in dom0 and let it continue running on console.
3. Boot domU with vif statement in config file.
4. Run tcsd -f on domU and let it continue running on console.

From now on every tpm operation I run on domU returns an error.

Operations tried on domU

1. I tried tpm_takeownership with success (although I see an error on tcsd -f output, I assume it is normal because I see exact same error when I run takeownership from non-xen host and actually prove ownership taken by using sealdata successfully) but when I try tpm_sealdata I get above error.

2. After starting from scratch, I tried tpm_sealdata without first try to take ownership. This time there is a different output:

Enter SRK password:
Tspi_Key_CreateKey failed: 0x00000003 - layer=tpm, code=0003 (3), Bad Parameter

I think I am not able to use vtpm because probably I am not doing the right sequence of actions on domU. So if there is a document about vtpm usage, please point me to it.

And here is another question:

I never run tpm_takeownership on dom0. Whenever I start from scratch I let the vtpm_managerd to take ownership of tpm. However, I do not know the owner or srk password it uses. When I use vtpm on domU and asked for the srk pasword, which password should I enter? Also, should I take ownership of vtpm on domU every time I booted it? How do I save state of the vtpm for a domain across boots?

Thanks for time.
Erdem Bayer

Stefan Berger wrote On 27-02-2008 05:59:

xense-devel-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/26/2008 06:28:01 PM:

> Hi
> I have successfully applied the patch mentioned here
> (http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xense-devel/2007-04/msg00005.html)
> to the xen v. 3.1.3 on an HP nx8325 with Infineon TPM.
> I cleared the tpm, deleted /var/vtpm/VTPM file and rebooted.
> After reboot, vtpm_managerd runs ok. (output is attched to the mail.)
> I created a pv vm with the option vtpm = ['instance=1, backend=0'] The
> vm boots fine.
> I installed trousers-0.3.1 and tpm-tools-1.3.1 from sources on the vm.
> I run tcsd -f on the vm. (output is attched to the mail.)
> I checkout and run the trousers test suite. 10 tests passed with 230
> failed. (Is this expected?)

It is likely that this (v)TPM implementation has quite a few bugs, but I would not expect that many errors.

> When I try tpm_takeownership on the vm, the command runs fine. (Although
> a strange warning appers on tcsd output which is attched).

This error may be related to older versions of the TPM device driver having used an ioctl interface for sending/receiving commands to/from the TPM and the TSS still tries this interface first. This should not be a reason for the errors you are seeing.

> But when I try tpm_sealdata < foo on the vm I get the following error.
> Tspi_Key_LoadKey failed: 0x00003113 - layer=tsp, code=0113 (275),
> Authorization failed
> But other tpm_version runs fine on vm.
> tpm-test:~# tpm_version
>   TPM 1.2 Version Info:
>   Chip Version:
>   Spec Level:          2
>   Errata Revision:     94
>   TPM Vendor ID:
>   TPM Version:         01010000
>   Manufacturer Info:   4554485a
> Also this quote is from Xen User's Guide:
> "Similarly, the TPM frontend driver must be compiled for the kernel
> trying to use TPM functionality. Its driver can be selected in the
> kernel configuration section Device Driver / Character Devices / TPM
> Devices. Along with that the TPM driver for the built-in TPM must be
> selected."
> According to my understanding driver for the built-in TPM must be
> selected on the kernel where TPM frontend driver is used. Am I correct
> about this assumption? (The problem is tpm_infineon driver can not be

The driver for the built-in Infineon TPM must be built into Domain-0, the TPM frontend driver in the guest domain and the backend driver also into Domain-0. This has probably been done correctly since otherwise the vTPM would not work at all.

> selected on an unpriviledged kernel, it can only be selected on a
> priviledged kernel)
> Am I missing something here? Why do I get auth errors?

Did you try to run the same sequence of comands (tpm commands, test suite etc.) on a plain Linux kernel with the TSS stack against the built-in Infineone TPM? From what I remember, the test suite for the TSS stack either tries to set a specific TPM owner password or it must previously have been set to it by the user, otherwise many authentication errors will occur.


> Thanks in advance.
> Erdem Bayer
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