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Re: Re[Xen-devel] lease 0.8.4 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

> > I have two drives QEMU & XEN PV VBD, appearing even though I only have
> > disk
> > = ['phy:/dev/VolGroup00/tcsxis03-c,hda,w'] in my xen config file. The
> two
> > drives look like their mapping to the same logical drive i've
> configured
> > in
> > RH XEN.
> You will almost certainly get some fatal corruption before too long if
> this is happening. It shouldn't happen obviously...

Side note: on an important VM, if you find yourself in this situation (two 
drives pointing at the same underlying data) and don't want to lose data, 
it's best to stop it as soon as possible.  Probably an xm destroy is better 
than a clean shutdown in this case!

(side note: unless you really have a clear idea of what you're doing and why 
it's safe or it's just a testing VM you can afford to hose)

Sorry to butt in on this, I just have a thing about pepperring the ML archives 
with warnings about this, having once (years ago) hosed a Xen machine 3 times 
in an afternoon doing stuff like this :-)


> Can you go into device manager, right click on 'Intel(R) 82371SB PCI Bus
> Master IDE Controller' and select Properties, select the 'Details' tab,
> and tell me the contents of the 'Hardware Ids' property, and the
> 'Compatible Ids' property. I need to see why it isn't being disabled...
> Thanks
> James
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