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RE: Re[Xen-devel] lease 0.8.4 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

> > You will almost certainly get some fatal corruption before too long
> > this is happening. It shouldn't happen obviously...
> Side note: on an important VM, if you find yourself in this situation
> drives pointing at the same underlying data) and don't want to lose
> it's best to stop it as soon as possible.  Probably an xm destroy is
> better
> than a clean shutdown in this case!

Yes, this is something that really can't be understated. Even on a
system I have booted, checked in device manager, found the duplicates,
and done an 'xm destroy', it has already been too late - the system
would no longer boot. A chkdsk from the recovery console fixed it up
again, but who knows what else was corrupt.

Other PV drivers appear to be able to tell windows that one drive is
just another path to the other. I'm not sure how to tell windows this
though. My preference is to hide the qemu device, but this doesn't
appear to work under all circumstances and the multipath thing would
prevent data corruption...

Anyone have any suggestions?


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