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RE: [Xen-devel] [Patch 3/7] pvSCSI driver

> Of course, we might be able to declare the tree stable except for SCSI
> support, but that's a bit of a change from our current model.

The pieces of pvSCSI are (I think):
. xend changes
. scripts in /etc/xen/scripts
. linux backend
. linux frontend

The linux backend and linux frontend could be built as modules outside
of the main linux tree (eg just with linux-headers-2.6.18 under Debian -
I've done this for the backend at least).

The scripts can be added easily enough.

Would it be possible to add a plugin functionality to xend and the
supporting libraries? If so, then it becomes very easy to build it all
without having to worry so much about getting it in to the main tree...

Just a thought.


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