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Re: [Xen-devel] Integrate kqemu emulation into xen hypervisor possible?

> > > What would be the benefit, compared to just running qemu in
> > > user space?
> Oooh, oops, you are talking about *k*qemu, not qemu, sorry, ok, I see.
> Well, a first step would be to make kqemu work with Xen's dom0 Linux.
> Then, adding the feature in the Hypervisor may make sense indeed, but
> I'm not sure you'd get much bigger performance than with just the dom0
> support.

IIRC, kqemu has a load of x86-specific code setting up shadow pagetables, etc.  
My expectation would be that this would want a fair bit of fixing up in order 
to work properly under Xen (if it can work at all under the constraints of 

In a way, it seems a shame not to leverage the shadow PT support that's in the 
hypervisor already.  It's probably less work to integrate kqemu into XenLinux 
though, and it has fewer security implications (I don't think kqemu is 
recommended for secure sandboxing, so you probably wouldn't want it in the 
hypervisor!).  It'd be nice if it were possible to use it in domUs too...


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