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RE: [Xen-devel] [Patch][RFC] Super Page Patch

> The attached file is the super page patch which supports both 2MB and
> 4MB (depending on the paging modes of hypervisor) under hardware
> assisted paging. The idea is to allocate super pages when guests are
> being created. Whenever such requests cannot be satisfied, it falls
> back to normal 4KB allocation. Also it splits large pages into normal
> 4KB pages whenever necessary. This patch is applicable on the latest
> xen-unstable tree.
> Any comment/suggestion is welcomed! Since it also touches a small
> portion of IA64 and PowerPC code, I would appreciate the information
> whether this patch breaks IA64 or PowerPC compilation.

It's great to see this patch, thanks.

Could you give a summary of what testing its been subjected to? Also, do
you have any performance results? I'm particularly interested in results
with a 64b hypervisor.

We'll have to update the balloon driver to try and hand back 2MB aligned
slabs to avoid fragmentation.


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