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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] ioemu: various fixes to 18383:dade7f0bdc8d

Isaku Yamahata writes ("[PATCH] ioemu: various fixes to 18383:dade7f0bdc8d"):
> BTW, is there any plan to port the c/s of 18383:dade7f0bdc8d
> to ioemu-remote?

There aren't generally any plans to cross-port patches made to
tools/ioemu in xen-unstable to the qemu-xen tree.  Furthermore,
tools/ioemu is going to go away fairly soon we hope so it is best to
avoid submitting patches against tools/ioemu unless essential.

If you submit a patch which ought to be in both trees you should say
so explicitly so that we can include it in both - which might mean
doing some fixup work.

Should I take your message as a request to cross-port 18383 and also
your fix, below, to qemu-xen (aka ioemu-remote) ?  These patches do
not apply to the qemu-xen-unstable tip.  If you'd like to resubmit
patches which do apply we should be able to commit them.


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