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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Poor performance on HVM (kernbench)

George Dunlap wrote:
> Ah, that's the problem... Linux seems to have changed the location of
> the 1:1 map.  Gianluca's using an older kernel, where it's at
> 0xffff810000000000, but this trace has it at 0xffff880000000000, so
> the "guess" heuristic is missing.
> Jereme, is this a permanent long-term move, or is it going to be
> something random?  I.e., should we just add a new heuristic "guess" at
> this address, or do we need to do something more complicated?

It's a permanent move.  I moved it up to 0xffff880000000000 to leave
space for Xen when running as a PV kernel, but there's no reasonable way
to make it variable so the linear map will be there regardless of what
mode the kernel is operating in.


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