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Re: [Xen-devel] stubdom: build failure

On Wednesday 24 September 2008 15:51:38 Keir Fraser wrote:
> On 24/9/08 14:39, "Christoph Egger" <Christoph.Egger@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Uh, it's odd that -print-search-dirs doesn't provide the install one.
> >> Does gcc -print-file-name=include/stddef.h provide the correct path?
> >
> > No. gcc -print-file-name=blah  works like  echo blah
> > On NetBSD there are only system libs and headers.
> >
> > On NetBSD stddef.h is in /usr/include/  as well as
> > stdarg.h, stdbool.h, etc.
> Could we perhaps force GCC_INSTALL to /usr/include on BSD systems? Or if
> GCC_INSTALL is empty after executing the current shell runes?
> Can you check forcing GCC_INSTALL=/usr/include works? I assume it might
> cause us to put more headers in the search path than we'd like.

Since the buildsystem appends include automatically, I tested with
forcing GCC_INSTALL="/usr/"

This fixed the problem about not finding stddef.h , but shows
other errors then:

In file included from /usr/include/sys/time.h:38,
from /build/xen-staging-netbsd.hg/stubdom/../extras/mini-os/include/errno.h:116,
from ../../../../../newlib-1.16.0/newlib/libc/argz/argz_add.c:7:
/usr/include/sys/types.h:286: error: conflicting types for 'time_t'
error: previous declaration of 'time_t' was here
/usr/include/sys/types.h:301: error: conflicting types for 'suseconds_t'
error: previous declaration of 'suseconds_t' was here


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