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[Xen-devel] Re: [Question] Do we need to support devices that do not strictly follow the PCI-e specification?

On 9/10/08 09:28, "Shan, Haitao" <haitao.shan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi, Keir,
When debugging recently, I found some devices that did not follow the PCI-e specification strictly. Below is an example.

From PCI-e spec, PCI-e capability occupies 0x3c bytes of configuration space. Unimplemented registers are reserved and hardwired to zero. But for device listed below, PCI-e capability should begin at 0x4C and end at 0x88. But this device implements MSI, VPD, MSI-X capabilities in the reserved spaces. Current code can not handle this.

My question is do we need to add hacks to handle such kinds of devices?

I thought PCI capability offsets could be dynamically determined? If so, or there are other means to easily determine actual capability offsets without requiring explicit device-quirk lists, we should employ those means.

 -- Keir
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