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Re: [Xen-devel] iommu: mapping reserved region failed - Q35 - VT-D Issue

Ross Philipson schrieb:
> Stefan,
> So those errors happened during booting DOM0 and then you checked xm
> dmesg, correct? Then you started a 2k VM and the system reset. Can you
> rebuild xen with debug=y, you might get more information about why the
> context mapping is failing. We could also put some more trace in there
> to see exactly what happens. 

I only found PCI Backend Debugging in the Xen menue which i
activacted, rebuild kernel and did again xm dmesg without further
informations. Do i have to activate it additionally?

> Can you attach a serial cable and send the output from xen and dom0 to
> COM1 or something like that? There may be some relevant information
> traced out right before the reset that you are not seeing (it is
> probably a crash in xen that is resetting the system).

I'll try it if my laptop becomes available (women...)



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