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RE: [Xen-devel] iommu: mapping reserved region failed - Q35 -VT-DIssue

Stefan Bauer wrote:
> Ross Philipson schrieb:
>> That is a bummer. I am not really sure where to go with it. If there
>> is no DRHD for that device (or a number of other ones so it would
>> seem) then there is no way to setup DMA remapping for those devices.
>> Maybe someone else on the list has some ideas.
> So if i understand you correctly, there is some problem with the PEG
> graphic card in my case? Another graphic card might solve that
> problem? 

You don't use PEG, so it is not related to it. The dump of the DMAR on your 
system shows definitely BIOS doesn't setup ACPI correctly for DMAR. Pls contact 
your vendor.


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