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Re: [Xen-devel] [4 Patches] New blktap implementation, 2nd try

Gerd Hoffmann schrieb:
>> I agree that integrating the backend into qemu is the right thing. You
>> don't want to have numerous tools running. It's not a complete solution,
>> though. A nice thing about blktap is that you can attach a qcow2 image
>> to Dom0, e.g. to copy the kernel out of the image.
> There is qemu-nbd ...

Right, I forgot about that one.

>> Alternatively (maybe for the more complicated stuff blktap seems to
>> provide) it can use the now Xen agnostic blktap to access the blktap
>> device nodes through its raw block driver.
> Would work, yes.  But what is the point?  qemu will certainly not rip
> out the disk format drivers, so there is zero need to go that route.

Well, at the moment I for my part don't feel the need to go that route.
Neither do you. But obviously Andrew and Dutch do.

I don't know, maybe blktap2 really has some nice features that someone
might want to use. And if they maintain blktap2 - why not? If we make
the separation as I proposed (with the option of qemu-nbd instead of
blktap2 for attaching to Dom0), it doesn't hurt anyone after all - you
can use it then, but you're not forced.


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