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Re: [Xen-devel] debug logging in windows

> Windows makes internal 'debugprint' calls, kind of like the kernel
> logging that Linux does that you get via dmesg.
> It would make my life a heap easier if I could route those to dom0. The
> windows debugger allows this indirectly but it is really slow and has
> heaps of overhead.
> Is it possible to use the /local/domain/<id>/drivers/console/0 to do
> this? It looks like even PV linux doesn't use this, so maybe it's just a
> legacy thing?
If you boot your hypervisor with guest_loglvl=all on the command line
then you should be able to log to Xen's ring buffer by outb'ing bytes
to port 0xe9.  The results will show up in xm dmesg and the hypervisor
serial console.

I'm not sure what version of Xen you're running, but some of the older
ones had problems with rep outsb to that port, so you might be better
off using a bunch of individual outb's.


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