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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 2] Fix keymap handling for vnc console

Pat Campbell wrote:
Are the keymap files and vnc_keysym.h changes independent of the code
changes?   Not sure what others think but if they are independent then
there should be two distinct patch sets.  One for keysmaps and
vnc_keysym.h and another for the keysym/scancode handling.
Yes, the changes are reasonably independent although one shouldn't use the updated keymaps without the corresponding keymap/scancode handling because duplicate keysyms cause problems with the current code.

Although not as inclusive, I see some vnc_keysym.h changes have been
recently sent upstream to qemu-devel. Are you going to send a derivative
of this patch set upstream to qemu-devel? [Qemu-devel] AltGr and dead keys with VNC
Those keysyms are indeed present in my patch; the iso-level3-switch change is already part of the xen code.

(vnc_keysym.h patch)
  [Qemu-devel] Wrong keyboard mapping for Belgian keyboard  (bug report)

That's a familiar looking bug report. The problem described there is the problem with duplicate keysyms in the keymap which the original code completely failed to address.

I'll try to assemble a similar patch to this one and send it up to qemu-devel.
I would be interested in your two programs.

I'll post those shortly as well.


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