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Re: [Xen-devel] Restoring an HVM domain with PV drivers fails if VCPUs >= 4.


This is probably a livelock in the PV drivers, now fixed. Please try
building your PV drivers from latest xen-3.3-testing.hg repository (that is,

 -- Keir

On 03/12/2008 05:21, "Yoshisato YANAGISAWA"
<yanagisawa.yoshisato@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anybody who has an experience to save and restore an HVM domain
> with VCPUs >= 4 and PV drivers?
> I tried save and restore an HVM domain that has 4 VCPUs with PV drivers
> enabled, and failed to restore.  Restored domain did not respond to any
> inputs including virtual console, VNC, network I/O (through ssh, ping)
> and so on.  According to the result of xentop, I saw 400% CPU usage of
> the restored domain.
> This problem did not happen if an HVM domain has less than or equals to
> 3 VCPUs.  This problem also did not happen if an HVM domain without PV
> drivers.  Because of the situation, I suppose there might be some bugs
> in PV drivers.
> I am using i386 Dom0 on Xen 3.3.0, and PV drivers are installed from
> source code included in Xen 3.3.0.
> Do you have any ideas to attack this problem?
> Thank you in advance,
> Yoshisato YANAGISAWA.

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