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Re: [Xen-devel] can't create any more pv-on-hvm domains after~38under 3.3-testing

On 03/12/2008 11:53, "James Harper" <james.harper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So just to clarify, would this be a page which has been granted in a
> DomU's grant table and then either given to Dom0 via an entry in xenbus
> or via a ringbuffer request? The former seems more likely as I wouldn't
> have thought that there would be a request in flight every single time,
> and then probably not only a single request.

Yes, exactly. It's probably the ring page itself rather than a grant
transmitted over a ring.

> And it wouldn't be any use me dumping DomU's 'PFN' either would it? As
> that would be different to the real physical PFN...

Yes, which is why you'd want to print the address in dom0.

In answer to your other email -- yes, a domain does not die until all its
pages are freed.

 -- Keir

> I'm using a kernel from Debian (that may be the cause of the problem in
> itself actually...) which is 2.6.18 and claims to have the 3.3 patches
> applied. I might pursue that angle first. Blkback and netback are
> compiled into the kernel which makes debugging a bit harder.

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