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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [IOEMU] Add date, time and pid on qemu-dm's log.

Yuji Shimada writes ("[Xen-devel]  [PATCH] [IOEMU] Add date, time and pid on 
qemu-dm's log."):
> The qemu-dm's log message doesn't have date, time, and pid. It is
> difficult to find out the message we want.

I agree that adding timestamps to the messages would be a good idea.

But, I think that this kind of feature is best addressed in qemu
upstream.  I don't think we want to carry this patch in our tree.

Also I have some doubts about whether this is really the right
approach.  Most programs deal with this by inventing new logging
functions rather than new processes.

If you really can't live without the timestamped messages then I think
xend should do the plumbing.


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