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Re: [Xen-devel] Weekly VMX status report. Xen: #18846 & Xen0: #749

On 07/12/2008 02:23, "Li, Xin" <xin.li@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> There's a good chance that at least bug #1 is fixed on current tip
>>> (c/s 18881).
>> OK, we will check it with c/s 18881, thanks.
> The root cause of the crash when booting a 64bit Solaris 10u5 guest is that
> Xen hypervisor has turned off NX as guest AP has not turned on NX, but shadow
> already has NX set...
> So can't understand why c/s 18881 can fix the crash.

It's just a guess. There were shadow bug fixes between the tested c/s and
tip c/s.

 -- Keir

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