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Re: [Xen-devel] Weekly VMX status report. Xen: #18846 & Xen0: #749


Keir Fraser wrote:
On 07/12/2008 02:23, "Li, Xin" <xin.li@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There's a good chance that at least bug #1 is fixed on current tip
(c/s 18881).
OK, we will check it with c/s 18881, thanks.
The root cause of the crash when booting a 64bit Solaris 10u5 guest is that
Xen hypervisor has turned off NX as guest AP has not turned on NX, but shadow
already has NX set...

This is what I think is going on:

BSP has finished its bootstrap phase, has enabled the EFER's NX bit and set the kernel mapping to pages that are going to be used as pagetable non-executable.

AP enables long mode, but not the EFER's NX. It accesses an address whose guest walk has pages still not shadowed, and the shadow code enters the game trying to remove writable mappings of that given guest page.

And here's -- I think -- the bug: when we update the MSR (in context switch) it is my understanding that we update the MSR based on the guest's vcpu state. So, when the shadow code will try to read the shadow mapping of the soon-to-be-promoted page will access a shadow mapping with NX bit and get a reserved-bit pagefault, because the host's EFER will have NX feature disabled.

I see two ways to fix this:

- Disable NX support in shadows until all vcpus have EFER's NX enabled. This would means that the guest thinks it has NX bit protection in at least one vcpus but in reality it doesn't. Also, to properly support execute-disable protection, we would need to blow the shadows when we can finally enable NX bit in shadows.

- Always enable EFER's NX in host mode. We could also avoid changing EFER's status between vmentry and vmexits, but this would cause some issue in reserved bit handling in page faults. This could be easily fixed in shadow code, but in HAP would make the whole thing more complicated.

Do the people that know better than me the actual VMX code have any opinion about the best way to fix this?


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