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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Re-enable MSI support

Espen Skoglund <mailto:espen.skoglund@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> [Kevin Tian]
>>> From: Espen Skoglund
>>> Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 7:34 PM
>>> [Yunhong Jiang]
>>>> This patch try to do some cleanup for these issues.
>>>> 1) The basic idea is to remove the pci_dev's lock, instead, we try
>>>>    to use the big pcidevs_lock to protect the whole pci_dev
>>>>    stuff. It including both pci_dev adding/removing, and also the
>>>>    assignment of the devices. We checked the code and seems there is
>>>>    no critical code path for this. We try to use fine-grained lock
>>>>    and seems the code will be very tricky.
>>>> 2) Split the pci_enable_msi into two step, firstly it will just
>>>>    construct the msi_desc through pci_enable_msi without holding the
>>>>    irq_desc lock, and then it will setup msi through setup_msi_irq   
>>>> with irq_desc holded. 3) Change the iommu->lock and hd->mapping_lock to
>>>> be irq_save. 4) Fix to some minor issues.
>>>> Now the lock sequence is: pcidevs_lock -> domai's event_lock ->
>>>> iommu's lock -> hvm_iommu's mapping_lock. The irq_desc's lock will
>>>> always be the last lock be hold for peformance consideration.
>>> So what exactly is it that pcidevs_lock is supposed to "protect" now?
>>> Does it indicate that someone is holding a reference to a pci_dev?
>>> Does it indicate that someone will modify some pci_dev?  Does it
>>> indicate that someone is messing around with interrupts or MSI
>>> descriptors?
>> I think it protects all above. As those operations are all rare, such a
>> big lock can avoid complex lock/unlock sequence regarding to different
>> paths to different resource of an assigned device.
> Except, since it is used as a read_lock most of the time it does not
> actually protect things in the way a spinlock would do.

Ahh, yes, I didn't realize this. So how do you think changing it to spinlock, 
since it is not performance ciritical. Or do you know how much benifit for 

Also, as for the reference to pci_dev, do you have plan to add such support? 
For example, I'm not sure if we can return fail for pci_remove_device if there 
is still reference to it? Will dom0 support such failure?

>        eSk
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