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[Xen-devel] Configure DomU with NAT

At `Xen Virtualization A Practical Handbook` page 85, Chapter 5, it says:
To configure the DomU with NAT, edit the xend-config.sxp as:
        (network-script 'network-bridge netdev=dummy0')

However, in that file, the comment says that:
173 ## Use the following if network traffic is routed, as an alternative to the
174 # settings for bridged networking given above.
175 #(network-script network-route)
176 #(vif-script     vif-route)

I have tried 2 ways, but both failed. There must be something else wrong (like iptables).
And that book was based on Xen 3.0, while I am working on Xen 3.3.
So I want to know which way should I follow?


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