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Re: [Xen-devel] disable qemu PCI devices in HVM domains

Keir Fraser writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] disable qemu PCI devices in HVM domains"):
> I'm reluctant to introduce anything into a stable branch which would prevent
> us migrating domains up or down the branch. If we are going to shove it in,
> it should happen now, for 3.3.1. My .1 releases tend to be generously
> proportioned, but beyond a .1 release I definitely don't take anything other
> than pure bug fixes.

Can we make it so that the patch to qemu-dm does not affect guests
which do not use James's PV drivers ?  That would allow us to support
migration of any production domains.  It seems that James's drivers
are not production-stable right now anyway (feel free to disagree,

Are there likely to be people using xen-unstable with the Citrix PV
drivers ?  Steven suggested that would be a violation of the licence
of the Citrix drivers but is that true even for a Citrix/Xenserver
customer ?  If we don't need to worry about the migration-
compatibility of such guests then the answer to my first question may
be easier ...


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