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RE: [Xen-devel] qemu patch for GPLPV drivers

> James Harper writes ("[Xen-devel] GPLPV drivers 0.9.12-pre9 upload"):
> > 3. If you are using the latest Xen 3.3.1 hg (maybe 3.3.0 too?), the
> > qemu_disable_patches.diff patch applied to the ioemu-remote git repo
> > (after 'make tools' has downloaded it, or after you've updated it to
> > latest) will completely remove the ide disks and network interfaces,
> > leaving the cdroms as emulated by qemu. This is how things should be
> > going forward - qemu cdrom's means you get eject and virtual image
> > etc, and performance on a cdrom is hardly critical. Hopefully these
> > patches will make it into Xen 3.4.
> Did you want me to apply that .diff to the current qemu-xen-unstable ?
> If so could you please post it to the list (with an appropriate
> Signed-off-by section which should probably include the original
> authorship trail ?
> Or should I pick up Steven Smith's patch ?
> Alternatively I'm happy to wait, but current unstable is what will
> become 3.4 and if you're happy with the interface and the code I'm
> happy to do so right away.

My patch is just Steven Smith's patch anyway, with the fix to make it
apply to the current head and the addition of GPLPV as product number 2,
so go ahead and apply his patches please and then I'll submit the GPLPV
addition after that.

I've tested Steven's patches enough that I'm happy with them.

OT, I'm curious, why is Xen in hg but the qemu stuff in git?



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