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RE: [Xen-devel] guest attempted write to read-only memory page.

>From: Keir Fraser [mailto:keir.fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
>Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 11:11 PM
>On 22/12/2008 14:21, "Tian, Kevin" <kevin.tian@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Yes, I can repro the warnings. They are due to the vm86 acceleration
>>> changes. 
>> I saw you removed the warning in latest tree, but sorry that 
>I'm still
>> a bit confused about logic here. Could you help clarify the 
>> story to me? :-) Why is such write attempt legitimate? Is 
>the emulation
>> a dummy nop or actually emulated?
>The write is thrown away, and the instruction is skipped. Etherboot can
>handle these write attempts failing (obviously, since it could 
>really be
>executed out of ROM). It attempts them just to set up some version info
>strings, I think -- nothing at all important.

ok, got it.

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