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Re: [Xen-devel] guest attempted write to read-only memory page.

On 25/12/2008 08:36, "Akio Takebe" <takebe_akio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> Some option ROMs would do write accesses.
>>> So rombios need to enable write acess before rom_scan.
>>> I'll post a patch to fix.
>> This behaviour existed before your upgrade, and it's not a bug. I fixed by
>> removing the warning message.
> But shadow memory should enable write accesses during INIT and BCV.
> It's in BBS spec.

Oh, I hadn't realised that. Perhaps then it is appropriate to apply your
patch and actually re-enable warnings in Xen. Since the only 'false
positives' were from the ROM initialisations.

I shall apply something suitable. Thanks.

 -- Keir

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