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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: freezing when using GPLPV drivers (including Dom0)

> > One other thing I didn't mention - I am using sparse files as my
> > images, using 'file:' under Xen. Again, not the highest performing
> > configuration, but the restore process we are using needs to see
> > at least as big as those that were backed up originally, and I just
> > don't have 2TB of disk lying around! The data access is DomU ->
> blkback
> > -> /dev/loopX -> file(sparse) -> filesystem(xfs) -> LVM -> E200...
> > that's a lot of room for stuff to go wrong in isn't it?
> Which loop driver are you using? The std loop driver is well known to
> deadlock under high write load. I think this may have been fixed with
> loop-ng, but you'd likely be better off using tap:aio.

I've never even heard of loop-ng... I just did a 'find' for any kernel
module with 'loop' in the name and didn't see anything called
'loop-ng'... is it something I need to enable in the kernel config?

I just tried tap:aio but the DomU hung for ages after starting the
restore... I'm just about to investigate.



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