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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: 2.6.26-rc8 pv_ops causes Unhandled invalid opcode fault/trap

Guillaume Rousse wrote:
Jeremy Fitzhardinge a écrit :
Guillaume Rousse wrote:
Jeremy Fitzhardinge a écrit :
Guillaume Rousse wrote:
Jeremy Fitzhardinge a écrit :
FWIW, I just tried 2.6.26-rc1 and it booted fine. I can narrow it down further if that'd be useful to you.

Yes, please.
Was there any final conclusion there ? Because I'm currently trying a with the same kind of issue:

I don't know of any outstanding bugs which cause this kind of symptom. What's happening on the Linux side when the domain crashes this way?
Immediate crash, without further information.

I've opened a but report on mandriva bugzilla:

Does earlyprintk=xen reveal anything more? What does the rip (ffffffff8020b3ed) map to in the kernel?
I guess earlyprintk=xen is a dom0 option, because passing it to domU didn't change anything.

It will be most helpful if you're running a debug=y build of Xen, so the domU's early console output appears on the Xen console.

The given adress map to set_page_prot, according to the System.map file.

That's interesting.

BTW, it only happens with ISCSI-stored hosts, whereas it works OK with LVM-stored hosts (tough on slightly different hardware).

Uh, that's very mysterious. The underlying storage shouldn't have any effect on whether the kernel can boot - it's either loaded or not.
On other hosts, the guest kernel boots OK, and then fails to mount underlying FS (but that's a different issue). I updated upstream report with details.

I'm on vacation at the moment, but I'll give this a closer look when I return.


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