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RE: [Xen-devel] good progress on pci vga passthrough in xen-3.4-rc1

Hi Stefano,

Thanks for your reply. This is the first time that I have been provided with 
some pointers where to look.. like I said in previous emails, I can work on 
this but I didn't write Xen or any of these workarounds!

I also posted the [attached] question about XCI - no one answers :(

Can you help answer?

Thank you again,

I`m assumingalos, that Citrix Project "Independence" is simply a name for XCI?

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Tim Moore wrote:

> Hi Bryan
> I think my email to Peter along with emails from probably yourself and
> other people in the community is what prompted his reply to xen-users.
> There seems to be a general reluctance to move this forwards within the
> Xen developers, I think this may be due to the current status of some of
> the commercial vendors that are working on the "next big thing" for
> Virtualisation. Neocleus and XCI seem to be the products that will bring
> this to market.. it seems that the open source community may be being
> left out at this stage!?

Come on, XCI sources are fully open source and available on the web!

The plain truth is that graphic card passtrough doesn't always work at
the moment, most of the problems come from the rexecution of the vga
bios (or the lack of thereof).
You can read the workaround we have in place in XCI in
tools/libxc/xc_hvm_build.c:setup_vga_pt, but even that one doesn't work
all the times.

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Hi J/Ross, Hope you can help …


Reading the Xen Client Initiative meeting minutes from May 20 2008, it mentions that:


  • Multiple graphics cards are working with recent patches (3 Main vendors)


Do we know which 3x Graphics card vendors are working?


I have built the XCI source from xenbits and whilst using it seems that the VGA card  support is still quite specific …



  • Need a list of requests for Bios and Drivers to assist in virtualization of graphics cards


Well, I can start : nVidia 8/9 as a lot of people on the list are trying to set this up with Xen-unstable.


Thanks - Tim

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