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Re: [Xen-devel] megasas stops I/O when running kernel as dom0 under xen4.1/4.2

On Thursday 11 August 2011 14:59:39 Andreas Olsowski wrote:

> as one of the people using Dell Servers i am aware that the LSI megaraid
> drivers are quite old in the current 2.6.32 pvops tree,
> but it seems that, once again, i have run into problems that are more
> rare than the usual "cant find disk" issues. (Of which i had none, ever)
> The situation:
> --------------
> I have 2 dom0 kernels, and 3.0.1 that work fine when booted
> bare-metal. I can run stress -m 40 -d 4 -i 1 for hours on end without
> any error occuring.
> The kernels use version megasas modules.

I've had reports of something similar with a Dell R710 and MegaRAID SAS 
controller. We're using version of megaraid_sas on a classic Xen 
2.6.32 kernel.


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