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[Xen-API] Re: [Xen-devel] XAPI on debian and openxenmanager

(Moving this discussion to the  xen-api list...)

On 22/08/11 19:17, Sébastien Riccio wrote:
> Hi again,
> actually I might have answered the question myself as it seems my 
> openxenmanager do the same on
> some others xenserver 5.6 hosts. That brings me another question, should 
> Citrix XenCenter works
> with xapi on debian ? :)

Now that's a totally different question ;) I think that the same issues
that impact XenCenter working with XCP will impact xapi on Debian as
well. I haven't even tried to get XenCenter working with my test box.

Having said that, I have gotten OpenXenManager to connect to my xapi on
Debian box. I had to patch OXM a bit to keep it from throwing an
exception (see here:
but it got through the synchronization phase just fine.

We definitely plan to have xapi on Debian work well with OXM, and I'll
be working with the OXM maintainer to be sure it works well with xapi on


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