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[Xen-devel] [PATCH V3 0/3] xen-blkfront/xen-blkback trim support

Dear list,
this is the V3 of the trim support for xen-blkfront/blkback,
thanks for all your reviews.
and when I looked back at Owen's patch in Dec 2010,
this patch above also add the trim union to blkif_x86_{32|64}_request,
and take care of trim request in blkif_get_x86{32|64}_req(),
however, in the later versions, the part is just gone. I wonder if it is
needed here? Thanks.

Changelog V3:
    rebased on linus's tree
    enum backend types in blkif instead of flags in the interface header
    more reasonable names in xenstore
    move trim requesting handling to a separate function
    do not re-enable interrupts unconditionally when handling response
    set info->feature-trim only when we have all info needed for request queue
Changelog V2:
    rebased on Jeremy's tree
    fixes according to Jan Beulich's comments

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