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[Xen-devel] Re: xen-kernel and EDD

Hi  Keir ,

rhel5.7sâ xen version is :

thanks very much for your sustained help on this issue.
Do you mean this link ?
from your xen.org , I find http://xenbits.xen.org/hg/
there are many branches and one unstable hgã

I have a doubt , from this link , I can see this last update date is 2007 year.
and in config.h BOOT_TRAMPOLINE was still 0x94000 . It seems that 5
days ago : BOOT_TRAMPOLINE has just been set 0x7c000 (certainly, I we
all think 0x7c000 is very very reasonable,this should be the most
right value) .

I want to confirm :
Do you  think BOOT_TRAMPOLINE âs value is independent on any other
later code ?  I prefer this idea to be right. it seems that your
comments page code that just make BOOT_TRAMPOLINE definition
if yes , I will try your comments plus BOOT_TRAMPOLINE 0X7C000

anway , I will try both 0x94000 and 0x7c000(this will be widely
suitable for all platform ).

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